1. Site editor

SA Atlantic Media
7 allée Titouan Lamazou
85340 Olonne-Sur-Mer

La Roche-sur-Yon Trade and Companies Register : 335 310 348

Share Capital : 2.442.500 euros

Téléphone :

Fax :


2. Publication directors

Gilles SALLE, Jérôme DUGAST


3. Site Construction

Agency Z&KO

Impasse Isaac Newton / BP 30112
85103 Les Sables d'Olonne

Tel : 

Mail : contact@zandkor.fr


4. Hosting

Médialibs for Z&KO - IKOULA


5. Content Management System : CMS



6. Purpose of the website

The purpose of the Website is to :

  • Present LETSEE as a major player in audiovisual technical services;
  • Tell the story of LETSEE and make its values known;
  • Present the technical solutions and services offered by LETSEE;
  • Ensure communication of LETSEE.


7.  Collection and processing of personal data

7.1 Concept of personal data

By this article, Atlantic Media intends to comply with the European and French legislation in force on the protection of personal data.

The Website may be viewed without the need for the user to communicate elements of their identity or other personal information concerning them.

Personal data that may be collected by Atlantic Media includes all information relating to the user of the Website as a natural person, i.e. data collected when browsing the Website and via the forms appearing on the Website which make it possible to identify the user directly or indirectly.

Atlantic Media may collect personal data from a user of the Website when they browse the pages of the Website, sign up for the newsletter, fill out the form appearing under the press contact tab or apply for a job or work placement position.

7.2 Nature of personal data collected

The personal data that Atlantic Media may collect in connection with a subscription to the newsletter are the email address, and where applicable the user’s first and last name as well as the company name.

The personal data that Atlantic Media may collect when filling out the form in the press contact tab are the user’s first name and surname, company name, telephone number and email address.

The personal data that Atlantic Media may collect when applying for a job or work placement position are the user’s first name and surname, email address, telephone number and any elements appearing on the CV and cover letter sent by the user.

The user voluntarily providing their personal data undertakes to communicate truthful, accurate information that does not harm the rights and interests of third parties.

7.3 Cookies What are cookies?

Internet cookies are small files placed on the internet user's computer when browsing on the Website.

The use of cookies requires prior information and the consent of the user of the Website. The duration of this consent is twelve months maximum, and this consent can be withdrawn at any time.

Why we use cookies ?

The Website uses cookies to learn about the habits of internet users and to offer better navigation. It is possible to change the settings of the internet browser to refuse cookies.

What types of cookies are used ?

Advertising cookies record web users’ browsing information in order to understand their interests and their visit to the Website. Gathering data makes it possible to customise the advertising that a web user can see when browsing the Website which has the same advertising management.

The Website uses analytical cookies for statistics and searches. In order to help improve the user experience on the Website, to understand how internet users navigate the Website and to provide accurate data, the Google Analytics service provided by Google Inc. is used.

When on the Website with secure access, a session cookie is only used when the account is connected and allows you to remain connected throughout your visit. It expires when the website is closed.

Social media sharing links on the Website may install social cookies; however, they are not controlled by the Website but by the publishers of the social media sites. The site in question should therefore be consulted for more information.


8. Processing of personal data

8.1 Destination of personal data

The personal data collected are only intended for Atlantic Media, its subsidiaries and any partners.

8.2 Retention of personal data

The personal data collected will be retained for twelve months. At the end of this period, the personal data collected will be deleted and no backup of said data will be retained.

8.3 Transmission of personal data to a third party 

Atlantic Media only transmits personal data to a third party when :

  • The user has given consent to share this data;
  • Sharing data with its service providers, in particular its technical service providers, is necessary in order to provide the user with the requested service;
  • A competent court or administrative authority requires the communication of this data in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Atlantic Media will not transfer the personal data collected on its Website to States located outside the European Union.

Atlantic Media does its utmost to ensure the security and privacy of personal data collected during its transmission to third parties.

8.4 Security of personal data

Data security is a top priority for Atlantic Media.

Access to the information system

The system is accessed using a unique user name and password for the office environment (network sharing, messaging). Access to business databases and network sharing is also subject to users’ access rights in order to guarantee information security. External access is made possible using redundant firewalls which filter access, and software made available to employees on the internet is protected.

Workstation security

All workstations are protected by an antivirus that is updated several times daily and managed via an administration console. In addition to its basic function (antivirus), the antivirus software also prevents software deemed dangerous by the IT department from being run, makes certain websites inaccessible if they have been deemed dangerous or offensive by internal antivirus categories (e.g., sex, terrorism, alcohol, drugs, etc.) and manages antivirus deactivation password locking, even outside of the workplace.  

8.5 Rights of data subjects regarding their personal data With regard to the legislation in force on the protection of personal data, the user has several rights:

  • The right to be kept informed when personal data are collected;
  • A right of access, rectification, portability and erasure of data;
  • A right of limitation of and opposition for legitimate reasons to its processing;
  • The right to be notified of a personal data breach;
  • The right to define guidelines relating to the retention, erasure and communication of personal data after death.

These rights may be exercised via a request by email, telephone or post using the contact details below:

Atlantic Media 
7 allée Titouan Lamazou
85340 Olonne-Sur-Mer

Telephone: / Email: contact@ampvisualtv.tv

In order for Atlantic Media to respond to this request, the user must send their email address for identification.


9. Intellectual property

9.1 Copyright

The Website is an intellectual work, of which Atlantic Media is the author, and thus benefits from protection in accordance with Articles L. 111-1 to L.113-10 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

The Website was created by Zéphyr&Ko (https://www.zephyrandko.fr/).

All elements of any kind (still images, animated images, photographs, databases, illustrations, downloadable documents, etc.) contained on the www.ampvisualtv.tv website are protected by copyright. In this respect, except with the prior written consent of Atlantic Media, any reproduction, representation, adaptation or partial or complete modification of any element comprising the site, by any means whatsoever, is prohibited. Failure to comply with this may constitute copyright infringement, punishable by three years' imprisonment and a fine of €300,000 (Articles L. 335-2 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code).

9.2 Trademark rights

Wordmarks and semi-figurative trademarks have been registered by Atlantic Media or its subsidiaries, which own them. It is strictly prohibited to fully or partially reproduce, republish or redistribute the Atlantic Media name or its logo, alone or associated with any title whatsoever without prior written consent. Failure to comply with this may constitute copyright infringement, punishable by three years' imprisonment and a fine of €300,000 (Articles L. 716-10 et seq. of the French Intellectual Property Code).


10. Hyperlinks

Any website is authorised to link to information on the Atlantic Media website without prior agreement. However, the pages and documents from www.ampvisualtv.tv must not be embedded within the pages of another site.

Authorisation to set up a link is valid for all media, with the exception of those disseminating information of a polemic, pornographic or xenophobic nature or that may, to a greater extent, offend the sensibilities of a large number of people.

Atlantic Media may not, under any circumstances, be held liable for information disseminated on websites that are hyperlinked from www.ampvisualtv.tv.


11. Quality and use of information

Atlantic Media strives to provide reliable, verified and regularly updated information. Despite the many efforts made to achieve this goal, errors or omissions may still occur. It is therefore the sole responsibility of the internet user to use the information available on www.ampvisualtv.tv with care. Consequently, Atlantic Media recommends checking the information collected on its website prior to any decision on its use.


12. Guarantees and responsibilities

The information published on the Atlantic Media website is provided without any warranty of any kind, other than those provided for by the applicable legislation, and in particular without any guarantee that the content meets the needs of the user or the use that they may make of it.

Users are solely responsible for any use they make of the information broadcast on www.ampvisualtv.tv. As a user of the Website, you declare that you possess the knowledge and technical skills required to use the Website. Users must check that their computer system is in good working order and that it does not contain any malicious software.

The use of the Website constitutes the user’s acceptance of these “Terms and Conditions” and the user undertakes to comply with said “Terms and Conditions”.

Atlantic Media shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of its site or other sites linked to it and in particular for any financial losses, data losses or commercial damages that may result therefrom.


13. Applicable law

The language of these Terms and Conditions is French.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to French law.

In the event of a dispute, the French courts shall have sole jurisdiction.


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